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Reincarnation Presents The Christ Again, and Again...

Illustrating the Most Noteworthy Incarnations

of both the Michael-Soul and the Gabriel-Soul


Careful research proves there were aborigines, cavemen and others of lesser intelligence before the time of Adam, but Adam seems to be the first account of God being represented on earth by a physical form. This might be a strong statement in the face of mortal thinking today, but records which have been found seem to bear out the truth of this statement. If this continues to prove to be a fact it is reasonable to believe that Adam (The Michael-Soul) was the same soul which in a later incarnation became perfected enough to be born again of God and known as The Christ. The Bible clearly states that “He was from the beginning,” and we must agree that it also says the beginning was with Adam. Then it is true that God, through His Son, Adam, is the Father of all humanity (the spiritual side of humanity). Eve then is recognized as the mother of material man and the beginning of sin. It seems that after God decided men should no longer be born after a material fashion, Eve changed things by temptations and populated the earth from a material union instead of a spiritual. There are accounts of “Mind Born” children of a very ancient civilization, showing considerable spiritual attunement was necessary to produce a higher type of mortal. No doubt Adam himself was the first one of this type. Later, when the Masters of Wisdom, or Archangels were called “gods,” Zeus changed the picture by rejection of the “second” soul (Lucifer) and initiated Gabriel (Ganymede) into that position. This resulted in the “Little Sister” soul of Gabriel or Virgin Mary, inheriting the position of “World Mother” (of Spirit) which the Lucifer (EVE) “world mother” (of matter) had previously held.

In preparation for the Last Age, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) served as the physical plane instrument for the work of restoration of Truth for both Michael and Gabriel because it was known that Joseph Smith (Gabriel incarnation) would be overpowered and eliminated by the “apparition” of the third member (Lucifer - Moroni) of the original Trinity (Triad). This accounts for over-lapping incarnations, where one physical plane puppet stands ready to take over when another might be eliminated, only one form being used at a time for the expression of the over-soul directing from Above. This also explains why many simultaneous incarnations of Gabriel appear throughout History. The Gabriel-Soul is credited with over 525 incarnations since the time that Great Soul took over the functions of the Lucifer-Soul in the heaven planes.

The Following Timeline Illustrates the Functioning of The First Triad on the Earth Plane Through the Ages

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