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"A Little Child Shall Lead Them"

Frances Fisher Sande, the reincarnate Mother for the Last Age, was born in Idaho in 1905. She produced the body for The Child in 1936 during the first phase of the Cosmic Birth, and stood by Him during the second phase in late 1954 when The Child was instrumental in stopping the world from being destroyed by the Hydrogen bomb when He took Cosmic Birth, and was then "caught up to God and His throne" for His protection some months later.

The reincarnate Mother was for many years instructed by the Great Teachers known as Masters or Archangels. She was directed to establish classes of instruction for all who desired to “hear” on the “inner” and become recorders for the much great information which is to be given in the New Age to those who make themselves worthy.

In 1958, three years after The Child was "caught up," Frances Sande published seven Booklets which are presented below. These New Age teachings amount to what the Bible refers to as "The Little Book That John Saw", the wisdom to be given in this AGE.

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of the seven Booklets in PDF format.


In 1960, two additional Booklets were published. Responding to many questions, monthly News Letters were published between 1960 and 1971. These can be found on the next page of this Website.

In 1971 She was "Told" that the publishing work was done for this Age and that the world should now await "That Day" when "all eyes SEE" what others were GIVEN to SEE. Since the late sixties, no one was getting anything at all from Above because the world had entered into a period of SILENCE as the scriptures prophesied would be the case previous to that Great Change all esoteric peoples expect at any moment.

Information that was GIVEN for public dissemination prior to the commencement of the period of SILENCE is published on this Website.

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