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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky/Frances Sande

Because the reincarnate Mother despaired of being understood before The Second Advent of The Christ of this Age, only the most basic facts were given in the hope that some more developed older souls, born to be among the Chosen, would respond to this call for help in securing the necessary situations to make the return of “The Child” possible. HE showed her that The Advent is now long overdue. “The Child” could not be returned to this dimension physically until certain dangers would be removed. She did everything possible to bring about the right conditions, but misunderstandings made progress very slow. HE “appeared” to the reincarnate Blavatsky and assigned the work, following always to make sure The Great Plan would not again suffer the fate of so many other efforts when appropriated by The Great Deceiver.

After intense research on esoteric subjects, an elderly man by the name of William Webber, a Librarian in a San Francisco Library, came to the conclusion that Idaho was to be the location where “IDEAN MOTHER” could be located. He reported that he spent thirteen years in the area of Twin Falls and Eden which is also in Magic Valley. He never found what he was looking for until a strange lady picked him up one Sunday when he was visiting that area a number of years ago. He stated that he had a whole night of visions confirming his Find and he then knew at last he had discovered what he had been seeking for so long. Sometime later he discovered she was also the one others claimed they proved without a doubt to be the reincarnate Mother.


Testimonial One

I wish to make this statement for the good of all whom it may help discover something which I consider very important in understandings to make for world peace.

Just as I was finishing the Ramadan month fast, a few minutes before the time to break the fast, a lady came to my door. She told me Allah had sent her to me. She said she was to explain I had a “calling” to be a “Servant of Allah.” She told me she had been in this world many times herself as a servant and every time there was a special work to be done the chosen Servants of Allah were sent into new bodies most acceptable to the people with whom they were to work. She said the Christian Jesus and our prophet Muhammad worked together in many different bodies, both male and female in keeping with the service to be rendered. She said anytime either of those two servants came she was right along with them. She told me our Muhammad was a woman in order to give the world Jesus and this time he was back as a woman to produce “A Little Child to Lead Them” spoken of in the Bible.

As the lady talked with me, I saw her face change to Muhammad, Joan of Arc and George Washington. I then understood she must have been those people in lives before when she was here as a servant of Allah. I understood there have been many other faces of her past but those are the only ones I have seen myself. I believe a study of Allah’s plan of sending servants many times to many countries could lead to an understanding that the Prophets and the Saints of any country could also have been the same of other nations, only in different bodies with different names. This could unite all peoples and religions in an understanding which will do much for world Peace.

F. A. C. – Denver, Colorado -  July 23, 1957


Testimonial Two

When it became possible for me to SEE, I noticed the figure of a Child on the forehead. Her features changed to Virgin Mary with a deep power mark down the forehead from the hairline to the right eyebrow. I saw other incarnations which I am not permitted to tell at this time.

B. H. L – California

Testimonial Three

I have personally witnessed symbolisms in red and white playing on the forehead of the Lady I met. It was like a movie screen where the symbols changed. I know many others who can testify to same as well as Seeing what could be identified as “fingers of God” dressed in white robes enacting a play which foretold a very important fulfillment of prophecy which took place several weeks later. It seemed the reason was to alert a group of “I DO” people so they could be ready to meet the emergency. It seems that one could expect God to use this Lady for anything needed at the time. So fantastic is what happens that it stands one in awe. I am a satisfied seeker who found what I was looking for in Idaho. I was guided to Twin Falls by a friend who wanted me to see what she had discovered.

B. H. – Twin Falls, Idaho

Testimonial Four

I met The reincarnate Mother in January 1969, in the home of an acquaintance of mine in Winnipeg, Canada. She was a lady in her mid sixties. When she began to speak, she spoke with such clarity her voice seemed to ring right through me. There was something very familiar about her... She talked about reincarnation, about the Great of the Earth, the Evolution of Souls, and all the while she spoke, I became overwhelmed by the force that surrounded her and radiated from her, and which gave me the impression of myriads of lights dancing around her, in which faces and forms appeared and disappeared. I witnessed scenes from far away lands and places that came up, and then disappeared. Her facial features changed the whole time she spoke and I saw and recognized several well-known people from the past: Shakespeare, George Washington, Madame Blavatsky, Leonardo Da Vinci, Joan of Arc, and others. Some appeared young, others looked older, and several faces re-appeared more than once, at different stages of their lives. The dancing lights remained even as the mysterious images of persons-past appeared, changed and dissolved again. I had never beheld such a sight and the impression was quite extraordinary.

V. A. T. – Winnipeg, Canada

Testimonial Five

The second time I met The reincarnate Mother was in March, 1969. She was staying at the Best Western Motel on Pembina Highway, in the south end of Winnipeg. She had been speaking to a previous visitor for over three hours when I arrived, and told me she needed to make herself a bowl of soup.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the kitchenette area with soup in hand and invited me to sit down. She finished her soup and placed the empty bowl on the night table, propped herself up on the bed, pulled the bedspread over her legs up to her waist, and made herself comfortable.

She began to speak, and immediately started answering vital questions concerning Life, and the reasons for Existence on the Earth plane.

- Let me explain about Evolution.

She explained how the animal kingdom first evolved, and then how mankind…

She spoke on, and soon her features changed into a younger middle-aged woman, and eventually into a beautiful young woman whom I recognized as Virgin Mary. She spoke with the voice of an angel.

That’s when HE first "appeared"... The CHILD!

The experience began when I SAW a pair of eyes "appearing" directly behind The reincarnate Mother's eyes. Another Soul was sharing her form, and was manifesting into the physical world in and through her body. She disappeared for a brief moment and I SAW the most angelic baby take her place, dressed in a white satin gown. HE had the most beautiful blue eyes, and HE stood smiling! Then she reappeared and the tiny form disappeared. Then HE "appeared" again, and again; each time HE appeared, HE was a little older, at first a young Child, then a twelve year-old boy in a bluish robe. Each time The reincarnate Mother reappeared, she looked more beautiful and more angelic. Each time the CHILD re-"appeared", HE took on an older form until The King of Kings Himself stood in her place, in His Eternal splendor, wearing White Robe and beard, HIS arms outstretched as though embracing the whole universe.

Even then the room disappeared and became as translucent. The bedspread transformed into a glistening lake of glass like unto crystal, blue and quicksilver, shimmering as it expanded in all directions. HE stood in her place, and stayed there for what seemed an Eternity. Eventually, The reincarnate Mother re-materialized. HE started to disappear, not all at once… but ever so gradually. The experience was ending the way it had started. She reappeared; HE disappeared, and then re-"appeared" again until He finally disappeared for the last time.

When it was over, The reincarnate Mother was sitting on the bed as before, with the bedspread wrapped around her legs and drawn up to her waist...

- … and that is what Evolution is all about.

V. A. T. – Winnipeg, Canada

Testimonial Six

I SAW her overshadowed by Christ who seemed to materialize through her features which then changed to Virgin Mary. At times I could SEE a very white halo around her head.

E. L. – Twin Fall, Idaho

Testimonial Seven

When I look at The reincarnate Mother I SEE also The Child with her. Sometimes her face changes to show other incarnations and she has the most beautiful eyes of Christ.

M. L. B. – Nevada

Testimonial Eight

For years I had followed to see if there was anything in the story others told about the Lady the “I DO” people declare is reincarnate Virgin Mary. One day I was lamenting “why can’t I SEE if others can?” I HEARD HIM say, “If you will keep looking you will SEE.” Just then He surprised me by appearing as though overshadowing, yet within her. “Who would ever have thought of that?” I exclaimed through my tears of joy and gratitude for the proof that the two are as ONE.

H. P. – Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial Nine

For years I had been seeking for something more than the usual illusions of common groups professing to represent Truth. I was getting tired of jumping from the frying pan into the fire of another Burn. In my despair I prayed for guidance to the REAL. Soon I found myself becoming interested in going to Idaho to investigate the “I DO” claims. I told friends in California that this would be my last trip if I didn’t find something of proof that God’s work was being represented. It happened that The reincarnate Mother was on location at the “I DO” Center. We were sitting at a table when I began to SEE CHRIST “appearing” through her form, and later I learned she is the reincarnate Virgin Mary. While I needed no other proof, much more has transpired to add to the certainty that at last I had found what I was seeking.

P. B. – Sacramento, California

Testimonial Ten

All my life I could HEAR a pathetic crying within my being. The words were “Mother, Mother.” So much grief seemed to come with the cry and I was URGED to seek the reincarnate Mother. When my child was very young I left her with my mother and began my search. For twenty years I followed the EOM Teachings but the crying of the Mother never ceased until I found the Lady whom  “I DO” claim is the reincarnate Virgin Mary. There is much more I could say but I understand this is enough for the present.

V. K. – Kentucky

Testimonial Eleven

I was visiting with the Lady whom “I DO” claim is the reincarnate Virgin Mary. I stood up to leave her Motel when I SAW her face change. On one side was Virgin Mary and on the other Christ. I became confused and started to rush away saying, “I will have to go home and think this over.” She insisted I might not get the right answer if it was left to my speculations. She said that I should stay a little longer until she could make me understand my experience and the reason it happened to me. I am glad for the information which saved me much confusion, fear and misunderstanding.

J. S. – Boulder, Colorado

Testimonial Twelve

Shortly after meeting The reincarnate Mother, I saw several facial and body changes which I learned is God’s way of showing past incarnations when time to be recognized. Some of the changes I witnessed were Joan of Arc, Virgin Mary and some Presidents of the United States who I am not free to mention. I also saw symbolisms done in red on a white background which appeared on her forehead. I became so interested in what I found that I gave up everything dear to me to follow and serve. I have moved to Idaho to be close to “I DO” people who have access to information I have never been able to find anywhere else.

D. H. H. – Twin Falls, Idaho

Testimonial Thirteen

I have witnessed a number of miracles of healing as well as foresight and the heading off of disasters too numerous to give at this time. If I was not afraid of misunderstandings and my husband I could tell many things of greater importance than any miracles I have heard about in any Age. I have moved to Twin Falls and do not wish my name given.

Convinced Observer

Testimonial Fourteen

Upon meeting the Lady whom “I DO” proclaim I SAW her disappear and a good-looking man with strong features sat in her stead. I heard the word “Pharaoh” and was made to understand about an incarnation in Egypt. The man seemed to be all in white.

H. H. B. – Sacramento, California

Testimonial Fifteen

In meeting The reincarnate Mother I observed a number of psychic phenomena while in her presence. One time in Colorado while riding to the top of a mountain to pray with her I smelled a fragrance. She said she did not wear perfume. Upon reaching the top of the mountain she got out of the car and prayed a few minutes. I heard a choir of male voices but there was no physical choir there. She told me she would pray for me to see some of my past lives. I saw a number of facial changes shortly afterwards. As she prayed I saw her features change to other incarnations, her skin clean up and at one time a Small Child “appeared.” Once I saw a light about a foot in diameter over her head. She gave me a picture of Master Kuthumi (King of Kings) and a small rainbow appeared above the picture. I have heard some things of great psychological insight and wisdom come through her on Sunday afternoons. It is a shame that a sampling of this has not been published in your “Truth.”

C. B. – Parma, Idaho

Testimonial Sixteen

I have seen The reincarnate Mother many times. I see her face change and feel without the help of anyone except Those Above I was guided to find her and recognize her standing. I Heard the words from above as if explaining something, saying, “Take me back in the sands of time where I once trod with faces of old. Once again we meet to glorify His Name!" An experience like this could convince anyone.

Mildred – Nevada

PS I also wish to tell of another experience where I saw someone in white looking down at dead soldiers in the jungle saying, “The Mother will stop this war in Viet Nam with her prayers and the help of “I DO” people. She is the most powerful Teacher on the planet.”

Testimonial Seventeen

When I met The reincarnate Mother, I SAW Virgin Mary come over her features. Her eyes changed to what I recognized as the eyes of Christ. I have had many other experiences too numerous to mention except to say some were much needed healings. I SAW other incarnations which I think would be confusing to relate when information given may be hard enough to accept.

G. S. – Twin Falls, Idaho

Testimonial Eighteen

Dear “I DO”:  Recently I attended a meeting where various phases of New Age ideas were being discussed. It seems that someone must have known that the Lady you people say is the reincarnate Mother was present. Anyway, it was hinted that someone was in the audience who should be on the platform. This started something which brought about the invitation for that person to speak. She appeared to be somewhat tired or burdened at first, but as she spoke she changed from a middle-aged woman to a beautiful young person whom people all over the hall recognized as Virgin Mary. One declared she saw an open book appear on her forehead. Others claimed many symbols were appearing and changing on her forehead. Everybody was astonished with the wisdom she expressed, and the help she had from higher planes.

Testimonial Nineteen

Frances Sande came to me in the late 60's and spent four days with me. When I asked her to prove who she was, she appeared as the Virgin Mother with the shadow of the Ankh superimposed over her. That convinced me!

G. D. S. – Seattle

Testimonial Twenty

“I SAW” and have no questions. I just wish to share the following with others: Two of us went to hear a lady speak whom others were ridiculing. I saw a vapor-like mist in the form of a halo around her head. It was sticking straight out like a hat trim. Her features began to change and I saw Christ. This lingered for about fifteen minutes and then she began to look like Virgin Mary. It was so Plain I had no doubts about what I had seen. Even then both of us wondered how what she was talking about could possibly be true.

E. F. – Chicago, Illinois

Testimonial Twenty-One

Some years ago I looked up the lady you “I DO” people call reincarnate Mother. I had been seeking in cults and creeds for many years. I saw her face change to Virgin Mary and The Child was with her. Then her eyes became the large deep violet-blue some cults declare are the eyes of Christ. At last I found what I was looking for so I plan to join “I DO” people who know so much.

M. L. – Tonapah, Nevada

Testimonial Twenty-Two

For many years I have been identified with various occult people and studies. I was in a very tight spot once when being deceived. A most unusual woman came to my rescue with information I needed. Others said they could SEE Christ with her. I prayed to know what was the matter with me that I could not SEE. Suddenly HIS face came smiling through hers. With tears in my eyes I exclaimed “Who would have thought of that?” I since learned that it was hard for me to SEE because I had a prejudice about the manner in which I would see HIM. 

D. P.  – Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial Twenty-Three

Since contacting “I DO” I have witnessed the woman you mention so many times, change features from a fine face of Virgin Mary to a man with a full beard, kind face, large violet-blue eyes who looks like pictures you have of Christ. I have also seen figures in white standing at her side, ethereal looking, but the difference is such that these would be people from the other side of life, other than her past incarnations. My niece whose extra-sensory perception is only recently developing so she can See, noted a man with Roman nose, gray hair and whom she would name if you wish. She also saw a woman with large deep blue eyes, curly hair and rather round face she recognized from the past. We understand this is proof that life does not end with death nor begin with birth.

E. L. and Niece – Twin Falls, Idaho

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