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"And the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb"


There were many symbols used at various times through the Ages to represent both the Positive and the negative factions; and to be among the Wise Men of any Age deep study was needed.

The study of symbolism is imperative if one is to be able to evaluate “messages” from other planes of consciousness. As the veils between dimensions are getting thinner and more souls are reincarnating with extrasensory talents, it becomes imperative that something concrete is done to school the Called in meanings of symbolism, how they were used, and what purposes they served. Most important is the capacity to be able to recognize which symbols belong to the Positive faction, and which represent the negative functions. If a personality has only been exposed to positive symbolisms he is hardly able to recognize the negative type. Likewise the other way around, so it becomes evident that much information is needed before the Called can be Chosen.

Readers are invited to read Truth News Letter No. 66 for more in-depth information on this most vital subject.

Positive Symbols..  identifying Michael and Gabriel, and the Positive Faction: 

Negative Symbols... identifying Lucifer, and the negative faction:

Alligator; Angel; Ankh; Light Auras; Book (in the right hand); Bread Loaf; Sitting Buddha; Bull; Calf; Circle; Cross with a point downward; Deer; Diamond; Dog (Anubis); White Dove;  Dreams about Flying; Eagle; Elephant; Emeralds; Evergreen; Eye in the Triangle; Feather; Fish; Fleur de Lys; Goat; Goddess of Liberty; Halo of Light; Heart; White Horse; Ivy Leaf; Keys; Lamb; Lion; Small Lion; Lotus Flower; Mercury; Pyramid; Rainbow; Ram; Red Rose; Rod and Staff; Scales of Justice; Scroll (in the right hand); Sheep; Sphinx; Staff (in the right hand); Flashing Star; Morning and Evening Stars; Sun; Rising and Setting Sun; Two-edged Sword; Turtle; Venus; Clear Waters (Truth); Whale; Wheat; Holy Wings symbolizing an Angel of Light; Zodiac signs of the Positive kind (Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo).

Anvil; arm and hammer; asp and adder; dark auras; bat wings; bell bearing crescents or horns; black panther; book (in the left hand); breasts-a-many; fat bellied Buddha; cat; chains; cow; cowbell; crab; crescent moon; crescent knife; crocodile; curved sword or axe; cut tree with branches severed; cycle; ebony; Female Sphinx; holocaust (destructive fire); grim reaper; horns; horseshoe; jade; lioness; locust; moon; Neptune; Ouija board; owl; pale horse; pestilence; red undersea coral; red star;  scarab or beetle; séances with red lights; scroll (in the left hand); sea; skull and cross-bones; tiger; trident; vice; white rose; wolf; Zodiac signs of the negative kind (Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio).

Positive symbols are illustrated below, in alphabetical order.

The negative faction can also be identified by the synonymatic relationships in the words mortals, mort, Gomorrah, Moroni, Mozart, morphine, etc. with Morya. The dark side can be spotted because of the trickery, hypnotism, mesmerism and various forms of mental-malpractices allowing for the possession of the mind by other spirits. Various forms of Black Magic include the forcings of the senses and vital centers of the body through the use of mantras, dope, incense and alcohol responsible for the astral experiences of many today who are writing these for facts at this level of consciousness.

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Question: What are the most commonly used symbolisms and what do they mean?

Answer: Yours is a simple question giving a big order. First we must explain that “the most commonly used symbols” differ in one Age and people, from those most common to others. But speaking for our New Age we believe perhaps the ANKH is the most common symbol used by both factions, with neither really knowing the true significance. Perhaps some realize that it was known to the Ancients as “the key to the mysteries.” Thoth always carried the Ankh because his soul was known as the “protector or keeper of the Father’s records.” Jesus called The King of Kings “The Father” and at one time spoke of both “the keeper and The Father” as “The Fathers” because Michael and Gabriel worked together as one, even in one body at times. King Tut was an example of such a situation. The arrangement of symbolism on the mummy of King Tut showed that Wise Men of that Age recognized that fact. Thoth was the Gabriel soul in manifestation at that time. Another manifestation was Virgin Mary who also carried the KEY. Whether those who wear the Ankh symbol know it or not, that symbol represents “The Child” or “KEY” to all the mysteries of God, whose Son “The Key” always unlocked by giving new teachings to progress the world in each Age.

About other symbols: The Feather was used as a symbol of the TRUTH, the Recorder, or Protector of the Records. The Sun was used as “The light of the World, or of Day and understanding.” Sometimes the Recorder’s soul was symbolized by the Turtle who moved slowly but surely with the protection of “the shell,” the divisions of which showed the number of angels covering the actions of that soul. The Lion was the symbol of Positive power, and the Lamb or Small Lion symbolized The Child. Scriptures prophesy that “In that Day the Lion (Mother) and the Lamb (Child) shall lie down together, showing that in this Age there would be two manifestations, instead of only one as in a number of lives before, when His protection was necessary in this manner. Even in this Age, Wise Men who know the physical manifestation of the reincarnate Mother, SEE the dual manifestation, or two in one necessary for the protection of The Child since He had to be “caught up” from this plane until sufficient help and understanding could be arranged.

A Dog was considered a Positive symbol of faithfulness, while a cat, (usually a black cat) was used to symbolize the negative aspect. A Ram and Bull were used by various peoples to symbolize The Father, therefore the calf and lamb were symbols of The Child. The cow and cowbells were used to symbolize the soul of “the negatively existent one,” or EVE-il soul. A Goat was the symbol of The Virgin Mother who was “the leader of the sheep” for HIM, and the “goat” for persecutions in protecting and serving HIS interests. The straight “Two-edged” Sword in the hand of a Saint, or some honorary statue symbolizing the soul status, sometimes was used symbolically as a Cross with a point downward to cut out evil. Wise men with “eyes to see” knew the soul being honored was that of The Virgin Mother. The curved knife or crescent was used to symbolize the negative faction and was the same as The Grim Reaper’s (crescent curved) instrument of death. When a star was shown with it, that star portrayed the soul of Lucifer, the leader of the “red” or “one-third stars of heaven pulled by the tail of the great dragon,” (D’EVE-il). A cross is a symbol of suffering In His Name. It is time for crosses to be laid aside and the world to be turned around the other way. Christ must be taken from the cross forever, not constantly shown on a crucifix. Especially not one with the skull and cross-bones at the bottom, the symbol of the negative faction who nail the crosses for Christ and His helpers.

A Circle was usually used to symbolize protection. The Sun is always shown as a circle of protection, while the moon is portrayed as a crescent or “the light of darkness,” the instrument of death. Clear Waters symbolized TRUTH, while the Sea, or “Great Deep” and Neptune portrayed the devil’s works. Mother Earth was Eve while Virgin Mary is shown as The Mother of Spirit, The Heavens being used as her symbolism. Evil looking fishes, birds, scavengers, stinging insects and all manner of pestilences were used at times to symbolize the work of the negative faction, while the opposite were used to portray the work of the Positive factions. The story of symbols is a long one. Some wise advice “I DO” wish to pass on to our readers is never wear symbols unless you know for sure what they mean and wish to be identified as a member of a faction using such symbolism.


(Question-Answer excerpt taken from News Letter No. 77)

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