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 The following information has been taken from “I DO” TRUTH Newsletters and Booklets


Our “I DO” Organization have done extensive research on the subject of so-called Spacemen and have come up with the only answer which has ever proved to be fact. Our Organization was Chosen by Great Masters of Wisdom to give right information on this subject so seekers may be brought to the feet of the Master. Many misleading stories have been concocted out of ignorance about the “Great of the Earth” who have all been born here with Cosmic Power which is not understood by those who have written as if they did. The facts which “I DO” present and prove are so far beyond any fictional writings on this subject that it would leave our readers staggering with unbelief if we would reel out the whole story at one time. Like all other new ideas it is considered wiser to lead mortal minds carefully into a right condition for understanding than to throw facts in their faces and startle them with ideas they certainly couldn’t be expected to accept without some preparation. It is pathetic how many are writing as if with authority on Flying Saucers and Spacemen who have only jumped at conclusions not based on anything but illusions of an emotional mind, or the lack of information on the effects of vibrations concerning astral fields and interlocking planes. Some who only think they are making contact with super-human beings are sitting in dark rooms with red lights, drawing spirits of lower dimensions who “peep and mutter” all manner of confusions bearing little or no truth. Yet those babblings are being printed as truth. Libraries are full of confusions written by those who actually do not know and realize they don’t, but who have found a lucrative living by functioning in the name of a Cause they know little about. Seekers are being disappointed constantly, while on the other hand some “do not know and do not wish to know.” “I DO” do not wish to “cast pearls before swine” who do not wish to know, but we feel duty-bound to God to meet the need of sincere seekers who really want to KNOW and are weary of the many by-ways with nothing real at the end of rainbows for which they have paid fancy prices.

Many speculations, illusions and purposeful deceptions, as well as solid facts have been broadcast on the subject. To give all the information our “I DO” have discovered in our research would be almost the same as writing another book. Therefore we will at this time only touch upon most important LEADS for those who might be able to use them as guides for their own research and evaluation. Government officials who know what is in U. S. files told “I DO” that it would be impossible to give out what they know about the subject because of fear of panic. “I DO” who have even more information feel the same about it. But we would warn about trusting crescent shaped saucers or those using them. We know that not only are many saucers made right on this planet, but also more developed souls from other planets are capable of advances beyond the conception of mortals of this lower dimension. With the many other planets it would be foolish for men of the earth plane to believe their little world is the only one inhabited, and still more foolish to believe that genius minds of this Age have not lived elsewhere before coming here to help and protect in this most dangerous Atomic Age when a mistake on this planet could disturb others. Surely God has a plan for all other planets as well as our own. It would be egotistical and narrow to think imperfect mortals of this earth could be the most favored souls in God’s sight. Even if mortals aren’t ready yet to accept it, “I DO” know that what is generally thought of as Heaven is much different than underdeveloped religions are now claiming. Time will be needed to prove that souls can graduate from the necessity of more lives on the earth plane and be rewarded with birth on a more highly developed planet.

Many, who for some reason have concluded that great souls who once lived on earth have now returned from other planets in flying saucers, need to have their experiences explained scientifically. Speculations and misinterpretations are misguiding many who might otherwise be contacted with right understandings. Regardless of the absence or authenticity of personal interpretations, many are blindly leading the blind. All interested in Space subjects should become esoteric students, learning about planes, inter-locking planes, dimensions and vibrations which can explain the experiences of many whose extra-sensory talents are being developed because of a Calling. We do not deny the existence of flying saucers, both terrestrial as well as what is generally called Celestial, but we differ in our interpretations because of information from Christ who “appears” with our Leader He trained for making understandings so the world might be more ready for what “all eyes will see.” Understandings of what to expect and how to handle it are essential if we are to keep down the panic of mortals who now turn deaf ears on those who have tried repeatedly to explain something which will be needed when the great change comes suddenly.



Reincarnation will soon be accepted as God’s plan for progressing souls in earth’s school of lives until they are ready for graduation to better conditions which might be called “heaven worlds” because they represent more progressive situations. When this privilege is earned the soul so initiated will understand Divine Law which requires birth in bodies of the vibratory matter necessary for the experience. After graduation from this planet the soul is given the privilege of returning at will to help on earth whenever help is needed. Having earned mental and physical capacities far ahead of non-graduates, such a one may be thought of as a negotiating intermediary for higher plane influences. Vested with Cosmic Powers not understood by average men this type today account for great souls who are called Space Men. These superior personalities are advanced to higher mental status because they have put forth more effort than others not so favored with intelligence. Their advanced capacities prove to others the possibilities to “do as I do and even greater” which Jesus promised for those who were expected to make sufficient effort in the right direction. “Many will rise to meet HIM when HE comes,” will be proven by the many who are expected to be advanced by initiation as a result of the more progressive teachings of the New Age.

Great Beings from other planets have incarnated here in bodies of vibrations necessary to do the work and it would be foolish to believe Their helpers would come any other way. Their students are making flying saucers here, and if not for the danger that men would use the information to take advantage of each other, these secrets could be given to them.  Upon the return of THE CHILD, truly “a little man from outer space” in every sense of the word, the Called will be fit into position for which they reincarnated. Placement will be made from records of incarnations in the “Book of Life” as the Bible calls the Akashic records. Many who now believe they will have the highest positions will find how mistaken they have been. Fabricated initiations, telling victims they are the reincarnations of The Great, has caused much Cosmic Concern because of confusions it is bringing about.

In our extensive research we have never found anybody who could truthfully say they have experienced spacecraft or people from other planets physically. But we have found many who have had astral experiences, or dreams and visions which have been told for a fact because it was feared the public would not understand if anything was said about the experience being astral. There is much reason to believe there are people on other planets who are more developed than men on this planet. We know there are souls who have developed to a point where they have power over matter, space and time. But when they come to earth to help it is done by birth in bodies which can survive here. It is their presence in the flesh at this time which has given rise to Spacemen stories. The Occult world call their “Great of the earth without whom there would be no life in that day,” Masters of Wisdom. Where others talk about them blindly and give all manner of explanations, “I DO” work with them and can lead others to them. It is their students who are making some very fast flying instruments on earth which are declared to be from outer space by those who don’t know our secret. As soon as greed can be subdued through right understandings and desires, The Great of the Earth will step forth with their gifts for mankind. Please join us in helping them so THAT DAY may come when “all eyes will SEE” Christ coming as “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM.”

One of the greatest authorities on this subject meekly asked our investigator, “Have you found any real proof these Beings come here in flying saucers?” God’s ways are past finding out except for those whom he trusts. Those who make claims without real proof will “run for the mountains to hide” when the Truth is recognized. We frankly declare so-called Spacemen have been born here in bodies useful in this dimension and it would be foolish to believe their helpers would come another way. We prove our claims to those who really “wish to know”, and are willing to “get understanding” enough to be trusted with this information.



When asked why God has allowed mortals to go on to the moon when scriptures declare He caused the Tower of Babel to fall because He was displeased with men who were trying to get nearer heaven that way, here is what "I DO" has to say on the subject.

It is very unlikely that men ignorant enough to believe they could climb up to heaven by building a high tower would have the engineering ability to make a tower stand very long. Any failure of such a structure had to be blamed on someone. Since it was God whom they thought would be most interested in their efforts, it was their way out of embarrassment to blame it on God’s displeasure. Even if the builders didn’t think of that angle those whose religious opinion might differ could have formulated the story of God’s displeasure. But when it came to going to the moon by very advanced minds of an Age when wisdom is being increased necessarily, we are talking about a different thing. For a long time “I DO” have declared no life would be found on the moon which we have much reason to know is a burned out planet because of the mistakes of Lucifer who was the original ruler of that planet. He has long been known by esoterically WISE MEN as the “Fire God” who produced all the occult tricks having to do with fire such as accompanied The Pentecost experience, as well as the “burning bush” of the time of Moses. Scriptures warned us of the “fire down from heaven” trickeries which could be expected “in the Last Age, to prove they are of God, yet they are not.”

We know the next question someone might ask will be the reason God would not let man go to a burned out planet. For one thing the moon is closer and more easily reached, also considered as having much influence on the earth. Wise Men have the answers the world wants to know about the moon. Men are still too mortal to believe anything they cannot see and feel with their five senses. They are prone to discredit some of “extrasensory” talents who have long had the answers. Since mankind must have proof that their advancements are sufficient to destroy this planet with the same mistakes Lucifer and his “one-third stars of heaven” made on the moon, they had to see what happened there when the “Fire God” used Atomic power the wrong way. Also the world had to know that the United States had projection superiority so nations recently planning to take atomic advantage of others would be afraid to dare such a mistake. We believe that God will forbid much more moon travel since there are so many projects on earth which could use the money to greater advantage. 

We know that while on the subject we should beat our readers to their questions about the possibility of reaching Mars. Our opinions as far as we dare to state them at this time are as follows: We know that when very negative souls graduated in intelligence from the need of more earthly lives, they were moved to Mars by the “Fire God” Lucifer. We know these souls are after the pattern of that “sharpest spirit in heaven” who was always in control of Mars. One incarnation of his physical counterpart is portrayed in an Istanbul, Turkey, Museum as having a curved knife (known as a symbol of The Destroyer). He is shown as a giant with his foot on the Christ Child and about to cut off His head. There is also a painting somewhere showing the god Mars snatching the Child from the Mother (then known as Venus), throwing him on the ground and beating Him with a whip. This picture was done by an esoteric Artist who knew of the crosses Christ (Michael) and Gabriel (Mary) suffered at the hands of Lucifer in many incarnations when they were “spotted” by that “great destroyer.”

Next we expect the question about the “I DO” opinion regarding the possibility of Martians visiting earth in flying saucers. Martians are far more advanced in “fiery” tricks and the breaking of God’s laws (the Law of "Ring Pass Not" in this case) than mere earthly mortals. It would be foolish to believe they would not dare to look around at other planets when they had the wisdom to do so long before mortals dared a moon flight. We would discuss the subject at length if our readers could be expected to understand. Men from Mars, whether in dense third dimensional bodies or not, have been responsible for the crescent flying saucers some Air Force Pilots have seen.

Spaceship travel in one form or another has been occurring since time immemorial. The following quote is taken from “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth” :

Then gathered I the sons of Atlantis. Into the spaceship I brought all my records, brought the records of sunken

Atlantis. Gathered I all of my powers, instruments many of mighty magic.

Up then we rose on wings of the morning. High we arose above the Temple, leaving behind the Three and

Dweller, deep in the Halls ‘neath the Temple. Down ‘neath the waves sank the great Temple, closing the

pathway to the Lords of the Cycles. Yet ever to him who has knowing, open shall be the path to Amenti.

Fast fled we then on the wings of the morning, fled to the land of the children of Khem. There by my power,

I conquered and ruled them. Raised I to Light, the children of Khem.

Deep ‘neath the rocks, I buried my spaceship, waiting the time when man might be free. Over the spaceship, erected a marker in the form of a lion yet like unto man. There ‘neath the image rests yet my spaceship, forth to be brought when need shall arise.



The big secret which will remove all speculations about so-called space Men in flying saucers, is to give the information that the negative faction use their Cosmic Power to materialize associate souls from other dimensions, which creates the “Maya” or illusions which are reported as “men from outer space.” No reasoning person would dare declare that it would be impossible for people living on other planets to invade our earth, when we are sending our rockets into their territory. In the light of right understandings about vibrations, dimensions, planes and inter-locking planes, with all the variations of forms and densities of same (because of soul qualities), it is to be discredited that “little green men” can be other than underdeveloped souls of a lower dimension. It would be unlikely that men from higher planes, where matter is different from the density of earthly forms, could be seen even if invading our planet, nor might they be able to see forms of another vibration unless more dense.

It could be very shocking for flying saucer fans to learn that “little green men” or spirits that can be “seen” in other dimensions are of the lower fields of consciousness, and nothing to be proud of being able to SEE. Such “sightings” are caused by a down-beat of thought, whereby the mind of the one Seeing is attuned with lower dimensions, which is never considered to be good by Wise Men who understand. What is called “a leak in the astral body” brings such things into focus. The situation can be likened to what happens to a TV when something is wrong with a tube and the picture is distorted. Also with radio it can be compared to the “static” of other vibrations, or that kind of “hearing,” of “wizards who peep and mutter” which Scriptures warn against. This is not saying that a physical perfect body, properly attuned with the infinite, cannot reach other dimensions. In one instance the “messages” or pictures are distorted, faulty and misleading. While with the well-informed greater souls, whose Divine Attunement is granted for God’s Great Plan of fulfillment, we have a very different situation. The latter is supported, controlled and empowered by Positive Angels who “have charge.” Their source is God and the information infallible.



Whenever the world was ready for something new, God always sent a Chosen One of genius capacities to deliver the advances. Prejudiced thinking always brought much suffering for the poor martyr who was dead a long time before the world awakened to what a great sacrifice he had made. “The Great of the Earth” again suffer from misunderstandings of Their greater missions of this Age. Some of the greatest limitations to right understandings are the reports about their arrival in flying saucers which they are having their students make on earth. There are reasons for not telling too much about flying saucers, suffice it to say that flying saucers travel by traction and use etheric fuel; we will also explain when given permission. The time has come to do something about the misunderstandings which are such a limitation from every angle. For this reason we who understand have been chosen to publish these explanatory folders. 

“A Little Child to Lead Them” has been proved to be the method of approach Christ, HIS Mother and the Disciples have used in coming to the world in many lives when “unspotted” they went to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” There are many records all over the world proving these “Great of the Earth” incarnated in bodies most acceptable to the people with whom they were to work. They came in every need and were the Great Leaders in all fields of human progress through the Ages.  Speaking of this Age the Bible states, “If it were not for the Great of the earth in that day there would be no life.” Our contact with these more advanced souls has brought the conclusion these guardian angels for humanity have again taken the limitation of fleshy forms to do necessary work at this level, and if this had not been the case humanity would have been wiped out by atomic fire in pasts. It is time for the world to be made aware of what is being done for our protection and cooperate with our benefactors who have suffered many unnecessary limitations again in this Age. We must impress upon our readers these greater souls now in fleshy bodies of higher vibratory matter are highly attuned with the Infinite and capable of “the works that I do and even greater” of which Jesus spoke. They have answered every emergency the world ever faced and have been kings, queens, musicians, physicians, scientists and the genius of all Ages. People of Ancient Wisdom understandings speak of Them as “Masters of Wisdom.” On higher planes They are known as Archangels and are the same souls the Ancients spoke of as gods because their Cosmic Powers were not understood. Today they are misunderstood as having come from outer space in flying saucers. Instead They were born here and Their “chosen” students who have accompanied them are making flying saucers and doing other work they feel the world is not ready to accept unless it could be used to take advantage of others. We understand their secrets are not to be revealed to any who would abuse the use, therefore the veil of secrecy. It is certainly time to make ourselves worthy of their trust.

Masters in human form are responsible for the making of flying saucers, the secrets of which They are not ready to reveal. The highly refined flesh of these Divinely attuned instruments of Cosmic receptivity, is equipped with the highest type of extrasensory perceptions. Their forms are used as introductory instruments for reception from the Cosmic Broadcasting System. Thus They are able to bring to secrets of the Cosmos to earth and know the Truth about The Child.



Disregarding sensible reasoning are many today who would rather accept false testimonies that so-called Space Men came to earth in flying saucers instead of incarnating to build the necessary distance vehicles of materials of this dimension. Wise Men will be able to lead acceptable investigators to the scene of construction when the time comes to reveal facts of their mission.

The only exchange of souls between planets is by incarnation in bodies which can survive the conditions of the new location. There are those who can introduce Great Souls who have incarnated here from other planets for the purpose of helping humanity. They have bodies of different flesh than average persons of this dimension. They admit they were born here and the writer has seen Their birth certificates as proof. It is not in keeping with Divine Law that soul exchange between planets should be otherwise. They explain that Divine Law does not permit waste of Cosmic Powers in bringing matter of other planets through the space barriers set up by God whose wisdom we should abide. Dimensional changes which flying saucers assume are due to greater speeds, where matter of this interlocks with matter of another. It is not for average men to be given the information before they are made to understand more about the requirements of Divine Law controlling usage. As advanced speeds account for vibratory conditions which arrange for the interlocking of various states of matter, so do rising vibratory changes account for some of the manifestations which are witnessed when clairvoyant vision reveals effects and the Akashic records of the soul past can be SEEN. Vibratory advances in hearing also arrange for telepathic informations which would not otherwise be available.

It would be difficult to explain the foundation of Truth without mentioning The Great Masters of Wisdom (Archangels) who were called gods by the Ancients who did not understand the source of their greater wisdoms and power. Mormons who witnessed Their protective aid in trouble have called Them Nephites for lack of a better understanding of Their true status. Christians do not realize that these great Beings have always maintained physical manifestations through which They could function in this dimension, using them as puppets for the Archangel controls above. Because of the higher vibratory condition of the physical bodies of these “Stars of heaven” who are now “cast to earth,” these puppets of Great Masters of Wisdom, find life on this planet very trying, and human misunderstandings even more exasperating than ever before. These Masters in human form are responsible for the making of flying saucers, the secrets of which They are not ready to reveal. The highly refined flesh of these Divinely attuned instruments of Cosmic receptivity, is equipped with the highest type of extra-sensory perceptions. Their forms are used as introductory instruments of reception from the Divine Broadcasting System, thus They are able to bring secrets of the Cosmos to earth for the advancement of mortals whose understanding They have barely touched.

Any of the one hundred and forty-four thousand who were “chosen” to reincarnate at this time to work with them can be found by a mark in the forehead which symbolizes the position and right of that individual. Something then will be done to gradually lead up to the necessary understandings of his “calling.” Perhaps he might be invited to ride in a flying saucer or one of the very fast ships which are being made on earth under their supervision. When the understanding is sufficient so the changing of bodies would not shock him, he may be treated to this kind of introduction to show whom they had been in past incarnations. They sometimes show a student his own incarnations by projecting them like a moving picture upon his face. By this method reincarnation can be proven to the most skeptical. What is “seen” is called an Akashic record of the way he looked in past lives.

In this Age we know of very many important advancements given in forms of new inventions, which were bought by the negative faction and shelved to protect the investments of big corporations. We also know several of the Chosen who are making flying saucers and etheric fuels under the direction of Great Masters of Wisdom. We know one great soul who has several perpetual motion machines. These inventions are being carefully guarded by Great Masters of Wisdom until The Day when men can be trusted not to use this information to take advantage of each other. 



We have declared that we are preparing a safe place for the protection of THE CHILD and that we are pledged to help The Mother with her great work of making better understanding so her Child can be returned. For this reason we are constantly faced with the claims of those who believe they are the reincarnate “Great of the Earth.” Time and again we have to prove that we cannot be mistaken in identities because God has given us a foolproof method to help us know “THE GREAT OF THE EARTH” who are now all in incarnation. In keeping with biblical prophecy, “The Stars of Heaven” who were to be “cast to earth in that Day,” have all been born to do the work of protection of humanity, and are only waiting for a better understanding before making themselves known. Until that time They will remain “unspotted” unless they are able to find some they can trust with this information. Some of these are mistakenly believed to have arrived in flying saucers from outer space, but our research has proved all were born here, but with powers which are not understood.

CHRIST coming as “A Little Child to Lead Them” will be announced by God in such a way as to leave no doubt that “I DO” stories about a LITTLE CHILD was the right information. We plead with the unbelieving world to open their hearts and receive The Son of God in any form He gives His Holy Son. This attitude would make HIS Coming more possible. We know HIS physical re-appearance, the third phase of the Cosmic Birth, will take place where the reincarnate Mother plans to be at the time. Only INTERDENOMINATIONAL DIVINE ORDER have this secret. We share it with those whom we know we can trust.



We can help you find the reincarnate GREAT OF THE EARTH who exercise power over matter, space and time. THEY did not come here in flying saucers as is the common belief, but all were born here and are making flying saucers and other fast flying instruments right here on earth. Except for human greed and the tendency to monopolize with wrong intentions, The Great would come out into the open with facts THEY share with us. We thank God for His great wisdom in giving us a fool-proof method of determining the initiation status of those coming our way, and especially for what we call COSMIC TV where past incarnations are projected on the features of the reincarnate GREAT to prove the status. If you hear the story about someone seeing a SPACEMAN this is no doubt what happened and it was not understood. 

In this Last AGE Christ and His close associates are “the great of the earth without whom there would be no life” of which the Bible spoke. Whether once known as Gods of old, Buddhas, Angels, Masters of Wisdom, Nephites, Saints or Space Men, these are the same souls who reincarnated over and over again to lead out with all new or progressive ideas of any Age. These souls have at some time graduated to “the works that I do and even greater” which Jesus promised. They are initiates of the Sonship status and some even greater. All have “the loot of the planes,” which means they can manifest on all planes simultaneously and are not limited to the bodies They have reincarnated on earth for work at this level of consciousness. While “all men are created equal” in the beginning, some haven’t made as much effort, so in this Age aren’t born equal. Those who by great service to humanity earned power over matter, space and time are on earth today. They did not come in flying saucers but were born here in bodies equal to the impingements of this dimension. Their students are making flying saucers. “One third of the Stars of heaven cast to earth in that Day,” are “pulled by the tail of the great dragon,” and deceptions are running rampant. These are making the crescent shaped saucers (symbolizing the new moon) while the Positive faction are making the round kind, symbolical of the Sun. The time will come when the public will be let in on the secret of these dimensional instruments using etheric fuel and traveling by traction.

For security reasons it isn’t easy to give details about flying saucers. Those who incarnate on earth from other planets for a specific work are making saucers here. They remain “unspotted” as much as possible as The Master admonished. Uninformed Occult schools are teaching that “The Great” live in far Eastern countries, and those they are now proclaiming as The Greatest are not that at all. The really GREAT are getting the protective work for humanity done without any fanfare at all and are known to only a very few Wise Men of today. Those who really KNOW and can prove it are identified only with “I DO,” either INNER or OUTER and we can lead those who qualify for that information… “when the student is ready.”

While Space projects, flying saucers and many other types of attempts at solving worldly problems have the limelight and support of many great souls, the only project which can actually make any promises for world peace and understanding through His Advent, is being neglected because it seems too fantastic to be possible. However, it is much more fantastic than anything else ever dreamed about by the most open of human minds, “I DO” with its “Cosmic TV” and other non-material methods of contact with higher planes will prove so far in advance that it could take hundreds of years for mortals to begin to understand. There are many groups everywhere working on some ideas of advancement for human thinking, but none at this time enjoying the absolute support of the most powerful leading Archangels of Heaven, known as Michael and Gabriel.

Saints helped martyr human progress by repeating lives to work from various angles. To their credit are many lives as musicians, artists, sculptors, Kings, Queens, religious leaders and even Presidents of the United States. Today their incarnate forms can be identified by Akashic records “appearing” as if by TV on the features of the new form. It is these so-called space men who have incarnated on this planet with wisdom from more advanced planets and are making flying saucers here. It is ignorance of facts of the relationship of vibrations of various types of matter, that has been responsible for those of average understanding believing that matter of higher frequency could be brought into a lower vibratory rate and accomplish anything.

There are now fifty-two physical forms on earth representing Those Above whom the Bible speaks of as “Stars of Heaven cast to earth in that Day.” These are sometimes thought of as Spacemen because their Cosmic Power isn’t understood. Because they have lived on other planets after graduation from the necessity of more lives on earth, they are called “Stars of Heaven.” These were “cast to earth” by birth in physical forms to be used for channels for the man upstairs as it were. They are souls whose service in His Name in many lives earned “the works that I do and even greater” which Jesus promised. The status is Sonship (Sunship) and the initiation the sixth. They have earned power over matter, space and time and can function on all planes simultaneously, accounting for the fallacy they came from other planets in flying saucers. Those who have SEEN and don’t understand what they saw became so emotional as to fabricate many stories. Even when “all eyes SEE” it isn’t expected many will know what they are looking at if prejudices now in vogue continue to prevent Wise Men from helping mortals understand.

These fifty-two Master Minds who make up the “Stars of Heaven” whom Scriptures declare would be “cast to earth in that Day” have not come by flying saucers, nor have they brought any of the other “chosen” ones in flying saucers. All have come by birth in new bodies, which to the uninitiated appear to be just like any other mortal. To remain “unspotted” this would have to be the method used. To work with mortal problems it would also be necessary to seem only to be as others. Much confusion on the subject came from followers of the “negatively existent one” who announced Masters are in Tibet, Darjeeling or foreign countries. That information is long outdated as they have long incarnated wherever needed, and will continue to do so until THAT DAY when "All EYES will SEE" "A Little Child to Lead Them."

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