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The Cosmic Birth


The Life and Works of

Frances (Fisher) Sande,

The Reincarnate Mother of the Last Age

"Opening of the Ways” for the New Age

The Mother's face changed to show past incarnations, by Cosmic TV. A Little Child appeared "through her form"... first as a baby, then as a young child, then as a man with a beard all recognized as Christ!

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This Book is largely a montage of excerpts drawn from the nine Booklets and eighty-one "Truth" News Letters found elsewhere on this Website to illustrate, in story form, the chronology of events in the Life of The reincarnate Mother during the Last Age, as she "Opened the Ways" for the New Age which is now upon us.

Prior to the period of Silence which began in 1969, Frances Sande was told by "The Boys Upstairs," as she affectionately used to call Them, that They wanted her to write the story of her life. As it turned out, she was too busy living it, and “going about Her Father’s business” to actually find the time to sit down and write about it.

It turns out that all the pieces of the story were actually incorporated within, and interwoven into the fabric of the Booklets and News Letters which were published over the span of thirteen years, under her guidance and leadership, as well as from talks she gave.


The Booklet, “A Life and Work with Men from Outer Space” was the starting point which served as the framework for the story. Then, little by little, the pieces fell into place, just like the “thirteen pieces of Osiris” which were fitted together during the life of Frances.

What you are about to read may seem too fantastic at times, but these are the true accounts of what has been witnessed.

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