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Acting as modern-day Essenes, “I DO-ers” worked closely with the reincarnate Mother during the Last Age. After She passed from this plane in 1994, "I DO" was formally disbanded until That Day when "all eyes will SEE."

The sole purpose of this site is to desiminate the Information that was given prior to the period of SILENCE which began in the late nineteen sixties. Any who desire to prepare for some of the first Work of the New Age are invited to read all the publications on this website, remembering that “with all thy getting, get understanding.” Each dedicated soul must learn to “Stand” and to “Withstand,” until the world finally “Understands.”


The world awaits "That Day" when "all eyes SEE" and The Child is returned to this dimension for the start of the New Age work leading to the condition of "a new heaven and a new earth."

The location of the "I DO" Headquarters in the New Age will be announced after the third and Final phase of the Cosmic Birth (D Day) will have taken place, at which time the Called and the Chosen will be fitted into the Plan by Christ and His Divine Hierarchy, according to karmic rights which will be established by The King of Kings Himself.



Following the Biblical admonition to "keep unspotted," we remain anonymous until "That Day" is upon us.

Recommended supplemental reading:  The Secret Doctrine

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