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The First Triad - For the New Age

* Since October 1955 *


The "Michael-Gabriel-Raphael" Triad

The Last Age has now given way to the New Age since October 1955, thus fulfuilling the prophesy of "A New Heaven and a New Earth with former things passed away ".

These souls may be identified as Father and Son, Michael and Gabriel, Osiris and the Second Isis, the Lord Buddha and Ananda, Brahma and Vishnu, Macroprosopus and Microprosopus, Kuthumi and Hilarion, the Twins, or by many other titles known to various religions they are identified with in some life. Before the New Age in which we are presently living (since the Fall of Lucifer in October 1955), there was always a third member who could be found following along and claiming identification. It was he who had so much power that the other two had not dared expose him. This was the Lucifer-Soul (Satan, the Devil) who always tried to “shine in His stead,” and as Neptune, carried the trident to prove that he had originally been a member of the first Triad. “The Great Deceiver” hid behind an illusion which caused recorders to credit “The Holy Ghost” as if it were the fullness of the Godhead, when that title in actuality belonged to the third party, or negative pole of the Trinity. Lucifer's power was revoked for one thousand years in October 1955, and the Archangel Raphael was elevated in his place to occupy the third position of the First Triad.

After Master Morya had discovered “The Child” and caused Him to be “caught up,” he began another phase of deceptions. He tried frantically to incarnate another form among highest initiates in a mad effort to steal the crown the Christ Child was to bear. Bids for another body ran into grave situations for older souls where even rape was tried. After the Gwendolyn Green body became useless because of broken back, blind eyes, diabetes, cancer and many other karmas, The Great Deceiver, who had been responsible for leading great devastations and laying heavy crosses on martyrs of all Ages, appropriated the body of a missionary who had been “called” for a very important part of Christ’s work. While possessing the form mentioned, God rang down the curtain of a thousand years’ time in perdition for that most deceitful of all souls, and Lucifer’s Cosmic Power was revoked for the next thousand years. The date was October 1955, and the “Millennium” prophesied in Revelations was now underway!!!


A great Angel (Michael) appeared and asked for “time to mark more in the forehead.” The location was Winnipeg, Canada where many took pictures of the “apparition” without knowing what was taking place on earth to bring about the fulfillment of that prophecy. It has been reported by photographers whom Frances contacted, that the many pictures of Christ which were taken at that time were picked up by the Catholics who have built a catholic fence around the incident without understanding what actually happened to bring forth such a great “apparition.” Now that Lucifer’s Cosmic Power was revoked for a thousand years and the Millennium had begun, “The King of Kings” announced to Frances, “Your tongue has been loosed by God. Since you have climbed out of the pit, go and help others.” It had been considered too dangerous to openly tell “Truth to Make Free” before that time.


What transpired in Winnipeg, Canada during Frances' assignment there in 1955, proved that “last Age” meant the last age for Lucifer to dominate the world as he had long enjoyed.





Father (Center & Above), Son (to His right) and Holy Spirit (to His left)

Also known on Higher Planes as Michael (Christ), Gabriel (Virgin Mary) and Raphael (the Healer).

(The Archangel Raphael took over Lucifer's position in October 1955, and he sits on the right hand side of the painting,

holding the positive Dove symbol of Peace...)

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